I’ve lived too far from the sea for too long…. I’m now in glorious Cornwall, in the beautiful Lizard Peninsula.

I am inspired by animals, nature, architecture and colour.
I love to draw and make patterns.

My art is available as wall art, on fabric and wallpaper, furniture, home decor, clothing and tech accessories.
Bought a design of mine? I love to see your project photos.
Email sharon@sharonturner.art or tag me on social media.

preppy fleur preppy wallpaper design challenge link sharon turner spoonflower

See some of my successful Spoonflower challenge entries below.
Click through to purchase fabric, wallpaper and home decor.

snowflake patchwork large winners circle 18072024 scrummy sharon turner spoonflower
minight halloween black spoonflower sharon turner scrummy
kelp city 18th surreal wallpaper challenge spoonflower sharon turner scrummy
rural seaside living blue second place 28092023 sharon turner scrummy spoonflower
lake fish NZ balsam duck egg large spoonflower sharon turner scrummy
so cool typography large spoonflower sharon turner
frightful friends indigo sharon turner spoonflower
art deco tenth place 17112022 1920s wallpaper challenge spoonflower
midnight library indigo second place dark academia sharon turner spoonflower 04082022
golden palms blush large top 10 16122021 sharon turner scrummy
just tree frogs col top 10 winner quirky amphibians spoonflower design challenge sharon turner scrummy
Christmas market toile black 2nd place winner spoonflower challenge Holiday traditions 30092021 sharon turner
phantasmagoria black 4th place spoonflower challenge 12082021 sharon turner scrummy
halloween gnomes black 10th place gnomes challenge spoonflower scrummy sharon turner 08072021
vegetarian party platter indigo 4th place 27052021 winner scrummy sharon turner charcuterie challenge
Durham NC toile indigo top 10 spoonflower breakroom challenge 08042021 sharon turner
cryptid crowd black white cryptozoology challenge top 10 winner spoonflower sharon turner 25032021
pink cloud earth red spoonflower sharon turner
TALISMANS viridian green spoonflower challenge top 10 25022021 sharon turner
just ox indigo pearl placed fifth spoonflower challenge 11022021 sharon turner scrummy
I see Hawaii dark lapis challenge winner third 21012021 spoonflower sharon turner
playing cards top ten #5 spoonflower sharon turner 19112020
mail scatter graphite top 10 12112020 spoonflower sharon turner
books and blankies black pearl spoonflower sharon turner
star fox plushie pillow fat quarter spoonflower 4th 10092020 sharon turner
ASHA green large tropical surrealism third place 30072020 spoonflower sharon turner scrummy
canadian animals black white #2 11062020 sharon turner spoonflower
sharon turner scrummy things moo business cards 2023
Mog with sarilmak patchwork throw blanket sharon turner redbubble
Sharon Turner x Casetify talismans
Sharon Turner x Casetify valentine